• Feeding methods for fast fattening of beef cattle in mountainous areas

    There are two most commonly used methods for fast fattening of beef cattle in mountainous areas:The first is grazing and feeding: this method is simple and easy to implement, mainly local resources, l

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  • Why feed salt to cattle? How often do cows feed salt

    We all know that cattle raising friends cannot do without salt. Why do we need to feed them salt? How much salt does the cow feed a day? How often do cows feed the salt? Sheep&Cattle Farming net i

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  • What are the causes of infertility in cows? How to treat?

    Everyone knows that the average cow gives birth to one child a year, compared to other animals, there are not many, and the number of calves is not many each time, so the problem of breeding problems

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  • What are the symptoms of bovine mite disease? How to cure?

    The main symptoms of bovine mite disease are irregular papules, severe itching of the affected area and hair loss. Pay attention to the difference between the disease and eczema and trichophytosis. Fo

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  • What are the symptoms of bovine parainfluenza? How to treat?

    The main symptoms of bovine parainfluenza are difficulty breathing, high fever and cough, which is another respiratory disease different from bovine flu. Bovine parainfluenza is more common in autumn

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  • What causes constipation in cattle?

    ​Constipation in cattle is mostly caused by problems in the feeding process, which can occur in cattle at all stages, but it is mostly in adult cattle. When treating cattle constipation, Chinese herbal medicine is a good treatment. However, in the treatment process, pay attention to selecting appropriate medicinal materials for symptomatic treatment according to the condition of the sick cow.

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  • What management should be done for calves just born in winter?

    The climate is cold in season and the physique of the newly born calves is weak. We must pay attention to strengthening feeding management and do relevant care to let the calves survive the winter hea

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  • Planning and construction technology of large-scale beef cattle breeding farm

    The construction of the cattle breeding barn for community scale beef cattle must take into account factors such as the purpose of breeding, the scale of the conditions of the breeding site, and the c

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