• How to meet goat's demand for salt

    One is to mix the salt into the concentrate and feed it daily. This method is often used for breeding sheep or sheep with higher economic value. Breeding rams are fed 8-10 grams per day, and adult ewe

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  • Treatment and prevention of traumatic reticulitis in cattle

    In the case of cattle traumatic reticulum, symptomatic treatment should be used in treatment to quickly and effectively cure the sick cattle. Iron rod therapy can be used to treat mild cases, and surg

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  • Can pig feed be fed to cattle? Can cows eat pig feed?

    Cattle friends often consult in the group: can pig feed be fed to cattle, why can’t pig feed be fed to cattle, can cattle eat pig feed, can cattle eat pig feed, can cattle feed pig feed, etc. On the i

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  • The problems that should be paid attention to when raising cattle and feeding whole-plant silage corn

    In recent years, more and more farmers have fed whole-plant corn silage to dairy cows. The rational use of whole-plant corn silage has brought considerable economic benefits to dairy farmers. However,

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  • Breeding method of reserve cows

    1. How to breed cowsThere are generally three types. The first is the more common natural mating. The fertilization rate of natural mating is relatively high. Just let the cows and bulls mate autonomo

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  • How to raise reserve cows?

    1. Breeding of mature cattle(1) The 7-12 month-old cattle are the fastest growing period. When the development is normal, the 12-month-old cattle can weigh 280-300 kg. In this period, 2~2.5kg of conce

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  • How to choose a reserve cow

    1. Choose heifers produced by cows with tall body, strong body, disease-free, fast growth, and high calving rate.2. Choose female yellow cattle with an age of 1 to 1.5 years and a weight of 80-150kg a

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  • How to match feed with cattle breeding knowledge?

    What is considered reasonable? First of all, you should not feed according to other people's formula, because the original feed in the formula used by others may not be the same. The feed is divid

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