• What happened to the decline in cattle feed intake?

    1. Poor feed qualityWhen the feed quality is poor, the cows want to eat but do not want to approach the tank or feed the feed. Judging that the feed is so bad and that the feed has an odor, this reduc

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  • Prevention and treatment of cowhide myiasis

    The common symptom of cow's skin myiasis is that there are many small bumps and pores on the skin of cow's back. It is a chronic parasitic disease caused by the larvae of the cowfly or the lar

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  • The treatment of cattle louver disease and how to prevent it

    Cattle louver disease is more likely to occur in the cold season. The occurrence of this disease is more related to improper feeding and management, and some are secondary to other diseases. However, timely treatment of cattle louver disease can be effectively cured. In addition, if you strengthen the feeding management and prevent the stem disease of cattle in the process of raising cattle, you can completely reduce the probability of the disease.

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  • How to improve the milk production of dairy cows in winter

    Cows are the most suitable temperature for high milk production, 8-16 degrees Celsius, too hot or cold are not good for producing more milk. In addition, there is less green forage in winter, more hay

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  • The harmless treatment technology of cow dung

    Cow manure contains 14.5% organic matter, 0.30%-0.45% nitrogen, 0.15%-0.25% phosphorus, and 0.10%-0.15% potassium. It is a valuable resource that can be used by the planting industry as a source of so

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  • Bovine body tissue (fat and muscle) deposition law

    Bovine body tissue mainly includes fat and muscle, which are the most important production indicators of beef cattle. Understanding the deposition law of beef body tissue can master the correct feedin

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  • Feeding techniques for preventing abortion of pregnant cattle in winter

    Pregnant cows raised on cattle farms in winter are prone to miscarriage due to many reasons. The weather in winter changes greatly, facing the threat of grass wither, frost, lack of green fodder and c

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  • Classification and nutritional value of Beef cattle Concentrated feed

    Concentrate supplements are also called . This type of feed has a small volume, low crude fiber content, high digestible nutrients, and rich nutritional value. It mainly includes crop seeds and their

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