• Scientific cattle breeding: how to choose the location and layout of cattle farms

    How to choose the location of the cattle farm and how to layout the buildings to be regarded as scientific cattle breeding?Raising cattle has become a good way for farmers to get rich, especially beef

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  • Experience in raising cattle: breeding and management of bulls

    1. The breeding of bullsThe calf enters the breeding period after weaning at the age of 6 months. The breeding period is from 6 to 30 months. This period is the stage of intensive growth and developme

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  • What are the ways to successfully breed cattle?

    There are usually three breeding methods for cattle: natural mating, artificial assisted mating, and artificial insemination.(1) Natural matingThis is relatively easy to do. Relatively speaking, the f

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  • When will the cattle be bred?

    Cattle breeding is a very important part of the breeding farm. It is the most important step to ensure the sustainability of breeding. Breeding is a science from the breed of cows and bulls to the sem

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  • What should I pay attention to when raising cattle in the cold season?

    1. Insulation. The weather in winter is relatively cold, so we need to heat the cowshed. First of all, we must carefully check whether the cowshed is damaged when the winter is about to enter, and rep

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  • What should I pay attention to when feeding cattle?

    Cattle breeding is an important breeding industry in our country. With the continuous development of society, the degree of large-scale breeding is getting higher and higher, but it is accompanied by

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  • How to raise cows during lactation?

    The main problem to be solved during the breeding period of lactating cows is how to increase the milk production of the cows, so that sufficient milk can be provided to the calves, and the cows need to consume more nutrients during the lactation period than during pregnancy. There are many other growth periods. During this period, there are generally four stages. Each stage of feeding has certain differences. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone. In addition, the medication during cattle breeding is also reasonable and principled. In terms of breeding management, special care is needed in the cold season to keep the cows healthy and cold.

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  • Daily feeding and management techniques for breeding cows

    People raise beef breeding cows and expect high conception rate of cows, high lactation performance, strong ability to feed calves, and early return to estrus after calving: it is expected that the ca

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